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Veg Garlic Pizza Bread…. Doesn’t this excite your taste buds? Well it surely excites mine. If we talk about what garlic pizza bread is well it’s nothing but an amazing tasteful amalgamation of the very classic Garlic bread and the most loved Pizza. Well no doubt it’s all super Italian but it doesn’t matter where its origin is it just tastes super great.

Whenever we take out our kids to eat out all they demand first is pizza or garlic breads to eat and nowadays the latest stuffed garlic breads are doing the rounds in every pizza joints and it is loved for sure!

So today I am sharing a really simple stuffed garlic bread recipe which is super easy to prepare at home. It is super easy recipe with pizza base and super yummy toppings and pizza sauce. Everything into one amazing tasteful meal. Trust me it tastes super awesome!

Whenever you have eaten the stuffed garlic bread with toppings you must have though how to bake the perfect Garlic pizza bread then well here is your answer today, I have simplified the entire process and brought to you a step by step garlic pizza bread recipe with goodness of so many toppings and great and cheesy cheese. So let’s begin and enjoy the taste!

Veg Garlic Bread Pizza
Veg Garlic Bread Pizza


Super yummy: Veg Garlic Pizza Bread

Course Fast food
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 2



  • Mozzarella cheese: 150gms
  • Pizza Dough Find the recipe on my YouTube channel
  • Pizza sauce Find the recipe on my YouTube channel
  • Pizza seasoning: a little
  • Chili flakes: a little
  • Kashmiri Red chili powder: ½ tbs
  • Salt

For toppings:

  • Paneer: 50gms diced in small cubes
  • Capsicum: a few slices Red and green sliced
  • 10. Black olives: a little

For Garlic Butter:

  • 11. Salted butter: 2tbs melted
  • 12. Garlic: 1tbs grated
  • 13. Fresh coriander: a little fine chopped


Step 1: Coating the paneer

Here we go!

First of all take the paneer and sprinkle Kashmiri red chili powder and salt lightly and coat it nicely with the help of a spoon.

Step 2: Preparing the garlic past 

Now put the grated garlic and fine chopped fresh coriander into the melted salted butter and mix it well.

Step 3: Preparing the Pizza base

  • Now on a flat surface sprinkle a little flour dust so that the dough doesn’t stick. Take the dough and with a rolling pin flatten it nicely from all the sides.
  • Trim the edges for the proper shape of the dough. And do make cuts on the sides but make sure not to cut in the middle.

Step 4: Assembling the stuffing

  • Now it’s time to put on the yummy pizza sauce. Let’s put it in. With a help of a spatula put the homemade pizza sauce in the middle portion only. And now sprinkle mozzarella cheese sufficiently in the middle. Put the pizza seasoning in it as well. Put the chili flakes as well.
  • Now put the toppings in it as well, capsicum and the coated paneer as well. Put the black olives as well and a little more of the pizza seasoning and chili flakes too. This will make the garlic bread taste amazing.
  • Be generous with the cheese and put some more.
  • Now it’s time to brush the garlic paste in it. Put the garlic bread along the middle of the dough nicely with a brush.
  • Now brush a little water along the cuts of the garlic bread dough and then fold the cuts one onto the other and the middle one being put on closing to each other.
  • Now brush a little more garlic butter on top of it and put some more mozzarella cheese and pizza seasoning and chili flakes as well on it.

 Step 5: Baking it

Now put it on a baking tray and bake on 200 degrees Celsius for 25mins.

It’s ready and as you can see it is perfectly baked so now let’s cut it into pieces and check.

Well its super great so do serve on!

Kids nowadays just love all the food that has cheese in it. Pizza or garlic breads it is just the best food they ever want to eat whenever they go out. So why not make the perfect Veg Garlic Pizza at home? Well the one you get in the Pizza places tastes super yummy and makes the kids go happy and cheerful. So with my super simple Veg garlic pizza bread recipe I am sure you are going to win hearts. Baking the perfect garlic bread with stuffing is not a hard thing just follow the recipe and enjoys yummy stuffed garlic bread at home. Happy Cooking!

  1. Making the perfect pizza dough is tricky so try my homemade pizza dough recipe from my YouTube channel.
  2. Try my homemade pizza sauce recipe from my channel or else you can use the one’s you get in the market as well.
  3. Pizza seasoning has all the herbs necessary for the perfect taste.
  4. Trimming the pizza base is important for the best possible shape.
  5. Put the sauce in the middle only and in generous amount.
  6. You can put as many things in the toppings of your choice in it.
  7. Brush the garlic paste and put the cheese in it generously for the yummiest of taste.

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