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About Our very own Star of CookingwithPooja:

CookingwithPooja isn’t just a website but a heart and soul of a dynamic person who just loves everything about cooking. The feel of the ingredients and aroma of spices is the first love of this person. She is a soul who loves to simplify cooking and make one’s taste buds do the happy dance!


Pooja Barua is the star behind these super amazing recipes that you see over this website. She is a woman that is self taught with the motherly guidance of her mother at home. So let us know the culinary journey of her life from her. So let us hear from her only:

Hello my dear friends,

It is such a humble feeling to share my culinary experience with you all. I am totally overwhelmed!

To be very honest I wasn’t born with the skills that culinary expert should have and for me cooking was just a field I found interesting and was enthusiastic about. I was born and brought up within a middle-class family who were of very simple principles and thinking. I learnt the basics of cooking just at the tender age of 10 not because of interest but out of a duty as my mother wasn’t keeping well with her health and my parents already had too much of stress in their shares that I eventually ended up being my mother’s helping hand in the kitchen. I know many of you out there must relate to my situation! And do you guys know the very first thing I learnt to make was Dal, My mom instructed me with everything and I prepared the Dal for my entire family. That was my realising moment that cooking is not a chore or duty to fulfil rather I found it very interesting and amusing.

Eventually under unfortunate circumstances my father got sick and was hospitalized for a prolonged period and in return the kitchen duty got passed on to me. I was the one to prepare the meal for everyone as my mother was busy with my father’s health and everything else. I took it up positively and that was the time that it struck me that cooking is something that I enjoy. The time gave me so much of exposure to get to know every ingredient and try out different tastes.

As we all know practice makes a man perfect, I too started exploring different recipes and with the love I had for food just triggered me to do a lot of experiments and this in turn kept the passion I had for food alive. I just want to make good food that has taste and everyone can love to have.

Now you all must think how I turned my passion into a profession? Well the entire credit goes to my husband. It was his complete faith in me and his motivation that inspired me to shoot my cooking videos and share with you all. I honestly don’t boast out that I am great cook even I make mistakes and have flaws too after all we all are human but I do have an immense love towards food that just inspires me to try out new recipes in the most simple way it could be done and share with everyone. The motivation and everything my husband put through me eventually led me to start my YouTube channel with the very first video on 13th January 2017. Well I like a child remember the date as if it was yesterday only. It started gradually and today the very first recipe has about 4.5million views. I am overwhelmed and truly thankful for the response. From there on I kept posting different recipe videos almost every week and eventually one fine day YouTube presented me with the silver play button for achieving 1 Lac+ subscribers. And this was only possible because of the faith and love my husband put on me. I am really thankful of him for realising my passion and making my tiny vision turn into such a colourful reality.

I am a very basic and simple person and not the kind of fancy person and didn’t really knew anything about videos or graphic designing, audio-video editing or let alone presenting it. But my dearest husband Hemant Barua who is a creative head with a MNC became a teacher and taught me everything and now I edit all my videos and recipes on my own. Well a huge shout out for him for making me learn these tricky jobs J And do you people know I have an excellent person behind the camera? My husband of course!

I truly believe we all have that spirit in us to make something worthy and all we need is a support and positive view towards it. All the recipes and everything I know or love about foods is weaved in this website with lots of love. Do follow for great recipes.

And subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Facebook for all the yummy recipe updates. Happy cooking my dear all!