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CookingwithPooja is all about simplifying recipes and sharing across to its readers. The websites shares recipes that have various ingredients and elements and many kind of different set of skill requirement as well.

Every person is different and so is their body’s way of working. Before opting for any recipe you first self analyze whether you are allergic to it or not and have individual judgment if you are unsure of anything like poultry items or meat. They may have allergic effects or even certain other products and spices therefore it is always advisable to seek advice before trying out anything new. CookingwithPooja is all about sharing recipes from our own kitchen shelves but what may be good for one may not be great for other person. Like for example a great dessert recipe can be a star when served but if one is diabetic it may create health issues to them and we never want our readers to fall sick. So please be the better judge yourself and do try new recipes but always keep your health a priority.  Recipes on this website may have certain skills required like using a sharp culinary objects or knives, so please be careful of using those and not injure yourself or others. We may share healthy recipes that are nutritional but I am no doctor and everything here is tried and tested by us and but may not suit someone entirely. So be the better judge yourself.

This website and the recipes here are a property of CookingwithPooja and we encourage our readers not to indulge into any such situation that may cause adverse situations to your health and order. CookingwithPooja will not be liable for any adversity.

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CookingwithPooja is a recipe sharing website via which Mrs Pooja Barua, the hands behind these yummy recipes shares her love for food so if you want to share her love further kindly do it with her consent. She’ll be more than happy to reach out to more people like via fine print on magazines or blogs. A little credit for her effort is all that is needed. And this website might share some affiliate links and posts for which we may earn a little funding, so we are being clear so our readers are never in the dark if they purchase from the affiliate link. Don’t worry you’ll never be charged extra for anything. This links are all because our website does need its own kind of food to run right?

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