Pizza is a typical Italian dish that is prepared with too much love. Well, who doesn’t like a cheesy and juicy pizza? I like them for sure. Pizza is not complex dish just baking the pizza base is quite a taste. So here comes the rescuer Kent Pizza and Omlette make for the perfectly based pizza. Al that needs to be done is prepping the bread and then 10-15min for the result.

Pizzas look complex but are not a complex dish. You can opt for the healthier version and well enjoy it at home. Prepare this super awesome recipe and enjoy with family. Treat the kids a lot with this and enjoy a homemade wholesome pizza. It tastes super delicious and is super easy to make. It is a great homemade pizza recipe without oven.  It’s a veg pizza recipe ad you can make this in no type without oven even. So let’s begin and enjoy cooking homemade pizaa. So go on and start and follow this recipe for the best results.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)

Super quick and easy pizza with Kent pizza and Oven maker

Course Fast food, Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 Pizza


  • Readymade pizza base: 1pcs
  • Amul diced cheese: 1 bowl
  • Pizza sauce: 1bowl Readymade
  • Pizza seasoning: a little
  • Chili flakes: a little
  • Capsicum: a little diced
  • Onion: 1pc diced
  • Black olives: a little chopped


Step 1: Prepping the Kent Pizza and omlette maker

At first switch on the Kent pizza and omlette maker and set it on medium heat.

Step 2: Preparing the pizza

Take the pizza base and coat it with a layer of pizza sauce.  Spread shredded cheese on top of it and then put a little pizza seasoning on top of it. Now, place the vegetable topping on top of it as well. Sprinkle a little more pizza seasoning on top again for more taste and a little chili flakes as well. We all love cheese so add more of cheese again.

Step 3: Baking the pizza

As we have pre heated the Kent pizza and omlette maker let’s put the pizza in and bake for 15-20mins in between low and medium heat. When it’s done put the pizza on the plate and cut into pieces with a pizza cutter and enjoy this well.

  1. Instead of Amul diced cheese you can use mozzarella cheese as well.
  2. Kent pizza and omlette maker is a great device and makes super amazing pizzas.
  3. Adding pizza seasoning and chili flakes makes the pizza yummier.
  4. You can choose the variety of toppings as per your taste.

Well, a yummy cheesy pizza is the number one choice of every other kid. They just love to eat the cheesiest pizza possible. The one we find in the market are tasty but not a very healthy option so you can make pizza in a quick and easy way with Kent pizza and omlette maker. So happy cooking!

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