Curd is a common food item in every Indian household. We Indians love to have thick curd at any point of the day and basically with everything. Curd not only is delicious in taste but a super healthy food item too. Everybody recommends having curd at least in the unbearable summer period as it keeps our body hydrated and cools our stomach down. Curd has many health benefits and providing cooling effects to our stomach is just one of them. How to make yougurt or curd recipes are not very complex to follow and get results. Just follow the tips and trick shared and you can get yummy homemade curd.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)

Super easy way to make CURD!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours 10 minutes


  • Milk: ½ litre
  • Curd: a little to act as a freezing agent


Step 1: Boiling the Milk

First of all boil the milk and let it cool down till a cream film appears on top. The milk needs to be a little warm not entirely cooled off so a nice and thick curd is made.

Step 2: Making the curd

Now take a bowl in which the curd is to be made, we have taken an earthen pot. Pour the luke warm milk in it. Add just a little of curd to help forming the curd in a nice and thick texture just like the village style.

Cover the pot with a plate and let it rest at a warm place for 6hours. Tada, your yummy Curd is ready!

Now, serve hot with sauce and chutneys of your choice and enjoy.


  1. Full cream milk helps in forming a thick and nice curd which is naturally sweet.
  2. We have used an earthen pot for making the curd but you can use any utensil.
  3. Keeping the milk warm to form the curd is important so that thick curd is made.

Well in this scorching heat curd can be our best friend. It is a great way to keep our body cooled and protect us from getting dehydrated. So make yummy, thick and naturally sweet curd just like the ones you get when you visit villages and enjoy. It tastes great and is super healthy too. Enjoy!

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