This traditional Indian mithai is an all-time favorite amidst everyone. Grainy with the right amount so sweetness makes our taste buds feel the joy with the very first bite. It is majorly popular in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana but has spread its sweetness to the entire nation. It is also popular as Malai Barfi or Kalakand in some parts of India. Perfect dessert for the one who don’t have a sweet tooth. So, here’s a simple recipe to try out this delicious dish at your home and wow everyone!

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 6


  • 1.5 L- Milk Full cream
  • 250 gm- Sugar
  • ½ tbsp.- Cardamom Powder Elainchi
  • 1 pinch- Alum Fitkiri
  • 1 tbsp.- Desi Ghee


Step 1-

In a nonstick pan, pour the entire milk. Turn on the gas and bring the milk to boil (I have used full cream milk). Keep boiling the milk until it starts to thicken.  Keep stirring the milk from all the sides till you can see it reducing. (Have patience; keep stirring as it is important otherwise it will stick to the bottom of pan and burn).

Step 2-

When milk is reduced to half of its original quantity, add Alum and reduce the flame. (Alum in nature is salty but don’t worry it will not alter the taste of the mithai because of sugar present). Keep stirring it on slow flame until the milk becomes grainy in texture and slightly dense.

Step 3-

When the milk is thick and grainy in texture add sugar. Keep stirring. The milk will start to change its color and become yellow. (It will get a thick and dense structure, keep stirring)

Step 4-

When the milk is thick, grainy and looks yellow, add cardamom powder. Cook it until the mixture is really thick and it starts emanating a pleasant scent of cardamom.  Adding cardamom enhances the taste of milk cake to a new level (instead of cardamom powder, you can use rose water or kewda, totally depending on your taste buds).

Step 5-

  • Now, add Desi Ghee and keep on cooking it on a low flame. (Ghee helps in making the mixture soft in nature)
  • Turn off the flame so that it does not burn.

Step 6-

Grease a medium bowl(I have used a cake pan, you can use whatever you want), and pour the mixture in it while its hot, settle it down and let it cool down.(Greasing helps in making the mixture come out easily when cooled down).

Step 7-

Cover the bowl with an aluminum foil and let it rest and cool down for around 12-14 hours.

Step 8-

  • After it has cooled down, use a knife to take it out. (You would see the tiny drops of ghee over the dense milk cake, don’t worry it will look amazing once it is refrigerated)
  • Tap the cake out on a plate and cut in small pieces of your choice. Add garnish of Almonds and Pistachio to make it yummier!



  1. We have used full fat cream because we need to thicken the milk for a grainy and dense mixture.
  2. Keep patience while making this dessert. It is a simple recipe but requires you to be careful not to burn the milk as it may make the taste of milk cake bitter.
  3. As we are cooking with a small amount of milk that is why a pinch of alum was used, you can always alter the quantity when cooking with a large amount of milk.
  4. In this recipe, milk has been used in a small quantity that is the reason the color of milk cake is yellow not the golden brown you see in the market. It has food color added to it. But be assured it tastes even better!
  5. It may seem that the recipe has too many steps but it’s actually pretty simple. I have put down step by step guide to make you more accurate about the way.

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