lesoda pickle
lesoda pickle

Indian food and serving aanchar along it is a must. You must have noticed that there are various kinds of aanchar in the market and I for one just love having aanchar.From the old times aachar is not only a food to eat but have been a hobby of the ladies to sit aong and make aachar. It is believed to have a culture and custom to prepare aachar in the households. Ladies of the house used to prepare bulk quantities of aanchar and the secret recipes used to get passed along generations. We for one have seen our Grand Ma’s and our Mom to put and prepare various kinds of aanchar and trust the whole process was so nice that it just felt good. Today I am sharing a very unique aanchar recipe that is lasode ka aanchar also known as Gunda or lehsod or more commonly Glueberry. It is super yummy and very easy to make. It is the fruit of bird lime tree and is patent Rajasthani aanchar. It is often served in the Rajasthani food items and its just tastes too good.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Super Delicious: Lasode ka Aanchar / Gunda Pickle

Course pickle
Cuisine india
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • Lasode/Gunda: 1/2kg
  • Fennel seeds: 2tbs
  • Onion seeds/Kalonji: ½ tbs
  • Yellow mustard seeds: 2tbs
  • Salt: 2tbs
  • Red chili powder: 2tbs
  • Turmeric powder: 1tbs
  • Mustard oil: 300ml


Step 1: Boiling the Lasode

  • We need to boil the Lasode a little so that it becomes moist and aachar too becomes nice.
  • First of all turn the gas on and take medium kadhai and pour sufficient water so that all the Lasode is inside the water while boiling. Bring the water to boil and put the Lasode in and boil for 1-2mins only not much.
  • After 2mins turn the gas off and take the Lasode out and let it cool down and come to room temperature.

Step 2: Picking out the cap of the Lasode

  • Now take a plate and place a tissue paper on it so that the moisture if happens to be in Lasode is drained out. Now pick Lasode one by one and remove the cap. It’s easy as many caps would have been taken off while boiling only.
  • And lastly pop open the Lasodas and let it dry in Sunlight for 2-3hours.

Step 3: Making the Aanchar

  • Now put the Lasode in a bowl and add up the spices. Put red chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, yellow mustard seeds and pour a little oil and mix everything well.
  • Now it’s time to put the aanchar into a jar and pour the rest oil into it so the the Lasode is dipped nicely oil. Close the lid of the jar and put the jar into drying in sunlight for 5-7days and after that the aanchar is ready to be eaten.

 This pickle is simply awesome

  1. Lasode is known with many names as Gunda, Lehsode and many more and the aanchar making techniques to differ.
  2. I have used around 300ml of mustard oil and apt spices do not alter the measurements but if making a good quantity then alter in proportions.
  3. Never use a wet ladle to take out the aanchar neither dirty hands as it may cause the aanchar to spoil.
  4. Lasode is seasonal thing, but do make this aanchar it’s super delicious.

My family just loves to have this aanchar especially my husband so I do make this every season. It tastes super yummy and aanchar can be a great taste changer. Serving aanchar with parathas is a definite yes-yes among Indian homes. One should definitely have various kinds made. This aanchar is very simple and one can easily make it at home and make the taste bud tickle along. So go on make this aanchar this season.

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