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Yummy and super tasty: Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream

Ice creams have always been an important part of each of our lives. When the scorching summer the word ice cream comes is there to provide the ultimate relief. When we were kids ourselves the ringing bell of ice cream carts and trucks were like music to our ears. Wasn’t it? Well that yummy vanilla flavor was our all time favorite. So how about today we create the same flavor in our kitchen? Well making yummy vanilla ice cream is no science but pure love. Homemade vanilla ice is pure delight to our taste buds so let’s create the lovely magic today. Easy vanilla ice cream recipe without condensed milk is here from us to make your day filled with yummy taste and joy. So let’s begin!

Vanilla ice-cream
Vanilla ice-cream


Yummy and super tasty: Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream

Course Icecream
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 6


  • Amul cream: 250gms Refrigerated and chilled for 7-8hrs beforehand
  • Vanilla essence: 1tbs
  • Corn flour: 1 ½ tbs
  • Sugar: 100gms Powdered
  • Milk: 250gms


Step 1: Boiling milk

  • First of all before anything we need to boil the milk. So let’s turn the gas on and take a medium saucepan and pour milk in it (do keep a little milk aside) and let it boil.
  • Turn the gas low when it boils and let’s prepare the corn flour solution. Put 1 ½ tbs of corn flour in a bowl and pour the remaining milk in it. Mix it well so no lumps are formed.

Step 2: Mixing corn flour in the boiling milk

  • Now put the corn flour solution in the milk and turn the gas on high flame and keep stirring so that it mixes well with the milk and the milk thickens but be cautious it should not stick to the pan.
  • We need to keep stirring so that the milk thickens gradually and nicely. Turn the gas off when it has thickened.
  • Let it cool down as it will thicken more once it has cooled down. It should be down to room temperature so do not cover it with a lid. Let it cool down in the open and it will be thicker. Now when it’s done pour in a jar or glass.

Step 3: Whipping the cream

  • Now take a big pan and pour chilled water and a few ice cubes in it as well and put a medium bowl on top of it in which cream will be whipped.
  • Now put the cream into the bowl which we have already chilled for 7-8hours in the refrigerator. Using a hand blender whip the cream to a nice consistency.
  • When it has thickened put the powdered sugar in it and whip once again. Put the vanilla essence as well and whip everything to a nice and thick consistency.

Step 4: Pouring the milk into the cream

Now when the ingredients have been whipped up nice put the milk we boiled little by little and whip into a nice consistency.

Step 5: Freezing it

Now when the cream has whipped up nicely put it in a container and smoothen the surface on top. Furthermore cover the container with aluminum foil and put it into the freezer for 7-8hours to chill and set.

Step 6: Assembling the ice cream

  • After it’s been 7-8hours the ice cream must be set so let’s check on it. It is done so now let’s serve it in ice cream bowls and garnish one with pretzels and sprinkles and other with Chocó chips. Yummy vanilla ice cream is ready to be enjoyed!
  • Always remember that Happiness is always Homemade! So does yummy and tasty vanilla ice cream. Make this yummy summer treat at home which is a great Vanilla ice cream without condensed milk and share the joy. The heavenly taste is quite simple to get at home. Just follow my simplified recipe of homemade vanilla ice cream and that too vanilla ice cream without condensed milk. I am sure you’ll win many hearts. Just follow the vanilla ice cream recipe and you are sure to create magic! Happy Cooking!

Enjoy the Super Cool Vanilla Ice cream


  • I have used amul cream but you can use heavy cream as well.
  • If you wish to shorten the process instead of thickening the milk yourself you can opt for condensed milk as well.
  • Make sure there are no lumps in the corn flour solution.
  • While mixing the corn flour with the milk it is important to keep stirring it so the corn flour does not sit at the bottom of the pan.
  • Whipping the cream nicely is important so gradually pour the milk not all at once.
  • Refrigerating and freezing it for 7-8hours is important so as to set the ice cream.

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