Hosting a party for the kids or a get together of some sort anytime soon? Must be confused about what to serve as an ideal snack or finger food? It is quite a challenging task to choose and then eventually prepare the food. And lasting a great impression is very necessary as well. Then worry no more as the recipe for amazing and yummy Paneer cutlet is the ideal choice for you as this yummy cutlet is so tasty that it just wins everyone’s heart so easily. This paneer cutlet recipe without bread crumbs is super easy to make and tastes heavenly. When it comes to win the little kiddies hearts, well it’s quite challenging as one has to be very careful with the taste and the health count too. The foods we get in the market are no way near healthy but the Paneer cutlet with potato filling is a great and ideal snacks option. With such great taste it rather a very easy recipe to prepare. With this super easy paneer cutlet recipe without breadcrumbs one can be assure of its taste winning over everybody’s heart and taste buds. It’s a great paneer snack as paneer is a great source of calcium and ideally kids love it. So here is a step by step way on how to make great tasting Paneer cutlets. Let’s begin.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Yummy and delicious: PANEER CUTLET!

Course Snack
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  1. Paneer: 250gms
  2. Gram flour(besan): 150gms
  3. Potatoes: 3nos(large sized and boiled)
  4. Roasted cumin seeds: 1 ½ tbs
  5. Black pepper powder: ½ tbs
  6. Roasted Coriander powder: 1tbs
  7. Dry Mango powder(amchur): ½ tbs
  8. Turmeric powder: ½ tbs
  9. Salt: ½ tbs
  10. Red chili powder: ½ tbs
  11. Oil for frying


Step 1: Grate the potatoes and making the mixture

At first in a bowl grate the potatoes with the help of a grater. Add roasted cumin seeds, roasted coriander powder, black pepper powder, dry mango powder, a little salt, a little turmeric,  a little red chili powder and mix everything well.

Step 2: Making the gram flour batter

In a medium bowl pour gram flour and add turmeric, salt as per taste, red chili powder and add water and mix well. Gradually add sufficient water to make a lump free and nice thick batter.

Step 3: Prepping the paneer

Now, take the paneer and make slices. In a plate sprinkle little maida and place the slices and coat with the sprinkled maida so that the paneer is dry and nice to make the culets.

Step 4: Making the cutlet

  • In a pan pour oil and heat up for deep frying.
  • And until then take a little potato mixture and roll on and then place in between the paneer and place another paneer on top of it making it like a sandwich shape.

Step 5: Frying the cutlet

  • Now it’s time to fry the cutlet. So mix the gram flour batter one more time and coat the paneer cutlets with the batter and place nicely in the heated up oil and fry on a medium flame and when it’s lightly cooked turn with light hands so that they don’t open up and now put on high flame and fry by keep turning to sides so that they cook nicely and has a nice golden brown color.
  • Take them out on a plate.

Step 6: Serving up

Take the cutlets and cut in small slices and fry once more so they are more crispy and tasty. Fry the sides with paneer so they taste nice. Take them out and serve on a plate with sauce and dipping and enjoy.

Enjoy the Yummy Paneer Cutlets!


  1. Make sure the paneer is dry by squeezing of the water.
  2. Lightly coat the paneer with maida so that it is dry and fries well.
  3. Fill the potato mixture in between two slices of paneer sufficiently, not too much though.
  4. Fry nicely by continuously turning sides.
  5. Cut into small pieces and fry again making sure the paneer is fried and doesn’t taste raw.

Serving finger food to kids can be quite a challenge and putting fried market foods on their pate is not a good choice as they are not at all healthy. Even when hunger strikes to adults like us it is big chaos in our stomach. So making this yummy paneer cutlet can solve the issue. It is a great entrée as well and can be served in parties and small get together especially kids birthday parties. So go on make some great food and enjoy. Happy Cooking!

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