Chicken 65, the name sounds like something foreign but it a pure desi dish. Chicken 65 originated in India namely Madras where it was served as a quick entrée or a snack. Chicken 65 got its unique name because of the chilies used in them. It was to denote that for every kilogram of chicken around 65 chilies were used. Spicy isn’t it? But with time the usage of spices varied with taste. People have variation in the chicken 65 dish as such hyderabadi chicken 65 recipe, chicken 65 recipe kerala style and one even tamilnadu style. But be whatever style it is super tasty. It is packed with such complex and amazing flavors that’s it’s a treat to our taste buds. So wondering how to cook our very desi Chicken 65 at home? Here is quick and super easy Chicken 65 recipe with the help of Ching’s secret Chicken 65 masala. So let’s begin.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Super quick and easy- CHICKEN 65

Course Appetizer
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • Boneless Chicken: 400gms
  • Ching’s secret chicken 65 masala: 1pkt
  • Smith & Jones Ginger-garlic paste: 3tbs
  • Egg: 1pc
  • Curry leaves: 7-8nos
  • Oil for deep frying


Step 1: Cutting the Bhindis

Wash the Bhindis before chopping. At first remove the top and bottom tip of the Bhindis. And then make a deep cut in the Bhindis making sure that they are not cut into two separate halves but just a deep incision in the middle.

Step 2: Making the masala for stuffing

In a small bowl mix coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt.

Step 3: Coat the Bhindis and frying them

  • Be careful in cutting the bhindis as they should be separated just a deep incisions in between.
  • The bhindis need to be covered and cooked and checked in every 2-3mins so that they cook nice and are super crispy. So have patience.
  • Cook on a low flame to make it super crispy and do avoid burning it.

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