Risotto is an original north Italian dish. It is basically a way in Italy to prepare rice. Rice is prepared in a particular broth be it vegetable or meat till it reaches a great creamy consistency. It is no doubt a very yummy and healthy meal. Risotto is of various kinds and is prepared in different ways too. And nowadays with so much of exposure risotto made its way to India and then to our plates too. It is served in most of the great Italian restaurants. It is a great dish but one can prepare a yummy one with best risotto recipes at home as well and enjoy its taste. We all love to try new food and recipes at home and when it’s yummy and creamy cheesy risotto, well my mouth is watering. The vegetarian risotto recipe we are preparing today is great in taste and super healthy as well. Risotto looks complex and sound complex to prepare too but there is a super easy risotto recipe we are sharing by which you can enjoy restaurant style risotto at home and make your family members happy too. So let’s get started.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)



Step 1: Preparing the base

At first boil the milk in a medium pan and when it has boiled add the grated cheese and mix it well. When the cheese has melted down add a little black pepper powder, oregano, chili flakes and salt and mix everything well. Risotto paste is ready.

Step 2: Preparing the risotto

In a pan pour a little oil and heat up. Add the bell peppers and fry a little and then add the risotto paste we cooked and stir and mix everything well. Add black pepper powder, chili flakes, salt and a little oregano and mix well.


  1. Risotto is prepared with Arborio rice but you can use the local rice as well just avoid using basmati kind.
  2. Don’t cook the rice for too long just about so that it mixes well with the spices.

I believe in the saying of, “Your diet is your bank account. Good food is like the great Investments” so always eat healthy. Risotto is wholesome meal in itself and a very tasty and healthy one too. Prepare this at home and serve to your families or invite guests and serve delicious and healthy risotto as well. It is super yummy to taste and kids would just love them. So make some at home and enjoy.

Happy cooking!

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