We Indians just love our chutneys. In almost every household there is patent chutney recipe to be found and much liked about. We like chutneys with almost everything and our chutneys have varieties too, like the tangy one, the spicy one and even a sweet one. One such chutney is the very famous “Green Chutney”. Made with freshly grinded coriander and mint leaves and green chilies for the heat, green chutneys tastes well with everything. Green chutney is often prepared for chaat but there are green chutney for dosa, green chutney recipe for sandwich and green chutney for dhokla even, only a slightest variations in them but pretty similar. So here is super quick and easy recipe for that tasty green chutney for your very own tasty Chaat!

Watch the full recipe video in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Quick and easy: GREEN CHUTNEY!

Course Dips
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 bowl


  • Fresh coriander leaves: a bowl
  • Mint leaves: a bowl
  • Lemon: 1nos
  • Green chili: 5-6
  • Salt: as per taste


Step 1: In a mixer jar take coriander leaves, mint leaves, chilies, squeeze the lemon juice and add salt as per taste and a little water. Grind the ingredients and make a fine paste.

Step 2: Take out the pate in a bowl and serve well with favorite snacks of yours. Enjoy!

Serve it well with a little garnishing of fresh coriander.


  1. If the leaves of coriander and mint are fresh then it will taste great.
  2. You can always squeeze the lemon juice later even after grinding.
  3. You can alter the heat of green chilies as much as you like.

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