Carrot halwa is a patent Indian dish from the Mughal era that got its name from the Arabic word Halwa meaning sweet and Carrot meaning gajar. So gajar ka halwa was born. It’s a great tasting dessert and is a common delicacy in Indian households. It is typically enjoyed in the winter season but well its one of my favorite so you can enjoy them at any point of time. Gajar ka halwa is not a complex dish but a very simple one and you can make this at home and enjoy its sweetness. Kids and adults everyone loves bowl of fresh gajar ka halwa with loads of dry fruits. There are ways that Gajar ka halwa can be made like with milk and then there is Gajar ka halwa with khoya recipe that just tastes heavenly in our mouth. So let’s prepare tasty and yummy Gajar ka Halwa with khoya.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)


Super tasty and yummy: GAJAR Ka HALWA!

Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 10 People


  • Carrots: 3kgs Grated
  • Sugar: 400gms
  • Khoya: 250gms
  • Milk: 1cup
  • Desi ghee: 1bowl
  • Cashew: a little chopped
  • Almonds: a little chopped


Step 1: Frying the Carrots

In a kadhai pour desi ghee and let it melt and pour the grated carrots in it. And let it cook and reduce well. Keep stirring with a ladle so the carrots don’t burn from bottom.

Gajar ka Halwa requires patience so be patient and when the carrots stops secreting water and becomes dry add the milk and mix well,

Step 2: Adding the sugar

Now, when the carrots are dry and the milk has been soaked up as well do add the sugar and fold nicely so it melts nicely. Keep stirring so that its thick and juicy. Add the khoya and mix it well as well.

Now the halwa is done. Add the chopped dry fruits


  1. Carrots need to be grated nicely so the halwa has a nice texture.
  2. The entire grated carrots can fill up the utensil but no worries as with heat it reduces down.
  3. Adding khoya enhances the taste; you can add more khoya if you like and make it richer in taste.

Gajar ka halwa is a great dessert to enjoy at home and serve to someone. It is healthy as well as tastes amazing. For someone who has a sweet tooth just love to munch on this. I for sure love a bowl full of Gajar ka Halwa. Well then cook some and enjoy with family. Happy cooking!

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