Our very own Chow Mein that we find almost around every corners right from vendors selling on a cart to a road-side fast food stall to the post restaurants has a very interesting story to tell. Do you know what exactly Chow Mein means? Well Chow means “fried” and Mein means “noodles” in mandarin. It is the most popular Asian-Chinese dish which has seen the most number of experiments. Right from fried noodles to steamed ones with so many different ingredients like meat, chicken, egg and even simple veggies too.

Well I just happen to just love Chow Mein; it is for me the most comforting food. A plate full of yummy chow mein is like a treat served to me and like me it is for many of us. One can find great chow Mein like spicy and the ones with so many ingredients right around any corner of their locality. It is the most famous fast-food and kids just love it like anything. So how about we make a healthy and just as tasty Chow Mein as we get in the market? So here is a simple Vegetable chow Mein recipe for you to try at home. It may look easy and plain chow mein recipe but it tastes heavenly. So let’s begin.

Watch the step by step Video Recipe in Hindi (with English subtitles)

Super tempting and easy: Chow Mein

Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese, Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2


  • Ching’s secret Veg Hakka Noodles: 2 packets a little boiled for 1-2mins
  • Carrots: a little fine sliced
  • Cabbage: a little fine sliced
  • Onion: a little fine sliced
  • Capsicum: a little fine sliced
  • Refined oil: 4tbs
  • Ching’s secret chowmein hakka noodles masala: 1packet


Step 1: Prepping the noodles

First of all boil the 2 packets of noodles in about 10 cups of water a little for 2 mins. Just half cook it as we need to further cook it with the veggies.

Strain after 2 mins and wash with tap water and sprinkle a little oil and keep in a bowl. Sprinkling a little oil helps in the noodles to not stick with each other.

Step 2: Prepping the veggies

Now take a medium pan and put 4tbs of oil and heat up. Add the veggies (carrots, onion, cabbage and capsicum) and stir fry well for 2-3mins.

Step 3: Making the Chow Mein

Now add the boiled noodles that we kept aside. Mix both the stuffs well. And then gradually put the Ching’s secret chowmein hakka noodles masala and 2tbs of water and mix it well and cook for 1min.

Your yummy chow mein is ready to be served.

  1. Boiling the noodles a little makes it texture nice and crunchy but never over boil it as it will make it lumpy.
  2. Stir fry the veggies till they are soft so that they retain the taste and crunch.
  3. Mix the half cooked noodles with the veggies and just mix with the masala and your absolutely amazing noodles is ready to be served.

Chow Mein is an absolute favorite of about everyone. I just love to eat the amazing noodles. Preparing this at home is super easy and you could always prepare this at home which is super easy and healthy as well. Add more veggies of your choice and surprise your kids and let them enjoy the tasty Chinese at home. Happy Cooking!

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